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Pick up at Oakhill Food Justice Farm during volunteer times on Tuesdays (9.30-3pm) or every second Saturday from 27th April (10am-1pm) or when the gate is open.


Please pre-purchase and attend these times for pick-up. Please BYO containers (40L) or hessian sacks to fill yourself. We can provide a shovel and assistance to those who need it.


Great opportunity to source top-notch certified organic compost with no nasties while supporting your local urban farm to continue running community programs and food relief.

40L Clyde Compost

SKU: 671253175371
  • Clyde Compost was developed through the necessity to improve the soil quality on their own farms and the desire to do so with a holistic natural approach. After years of seeing the results on their own farms, we are proud to now offer a natural alternative of growing to all, knowing that the fruits and vegetables of your gardens are naturally nutritious for your family. We understand that providing a safe environment for family is of the utmost of importance, and we a dedicated to ensuring that our customers are provided with a natural organic compost and are proudly HACCP certified.

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