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Six Week Paid Food Justice Internships (currently closed)

Sustain: the Australian Food Network team are delighted to offer two rounds of internships in the Darebin Urban Farm Network commencing Monday October 30th, 2023 and Monday January 15th, 2024.

Each round will run for six weeks, and involve 24 hours in total, distributed in six Monday sessions. There will be six positions available in each round. Interns will receive an hourly stipend of $25 (max 24 hours) and will work under the direct supervision of our experienced urban farmers.

These internships are funded by the City of Darebin, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, the Inner North Foundation and Bank Australia. The funding is intended to benefit young people (18-25 years old) experiencing challenges and/or disadvantages in obtaining employment and/or accessing educational opportunities. 

Preference will be given to people 18 - 25 years old with a connection to the City of Darebin. If you are interested but don't fit those criteria, please get in touch anyway!

What can the interns expect?


This is a unique opportunity to work with an experienced urban farmer and learn how to grow fast-growing vegetables from seed to harvest, using bio-intensive practices for growing healthy food in an urban context. Food grown as part of the project will be donated to food relief parcels at DIVRS, and farm interns will also have the opportunity to harvest food to take home.


The emphasis will be on doing practical activities and elements in the context of a productive community garden, with the internship including:

  • Understanding healthy soil

  • Growing from seed and propagating cuttings

  • Compost and mulching

  • Garden maintenance and pest control

  • A range of hands-on skills

  • Discussions on food justice and Indigenous plant use

  • Education and employment pathways


What is the commitment expected of the interns?

At the commencement of the internship, all interns will contribute to a collaborative learning plan and create goals for the internship. Our expectation is that the interns attend every session, participate fully and engage respectfully with their fellow interns and the farmers.


Oakhill Food Justice Farm is an inclusive and welcoming space, committed to values of respect for difference and diversity for all people of all backgrounds and identities. We expect our interns similarly to commit to and respect these values.

Payment of the stipend will be made weekly following confirmation of attendance and participation.

We are not currently accepting applications until we secure funding to run future rounds. Please contact if you wish to sponsor our Food Justice Internships.

Which round(s) are available for?
What is your connection to the City of Darebin?

Thank you. We'll be in contact soon.

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